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From Crafter to Candle Maker: Part 2

Hopefully, you had a chance to read part 1, if not click here so you can read the beginning of the story!

So how does making gift baskets translate to candle making?

I wanted to have a unique product line in my gift baskets- something that could not be gotten just anywhere. I had found many different products and many of them I used but I still wanted something off the beaten path. So I began to make my own soaps, lotions and bath gels. I started with one fragrance: cucumber melon. This worked well in my pamper baskets but I still wanted more. I switched to soy base for my lotions and gels but could not get the right formula for the soap. Besides, soap was not fun for me. More tedious than I had imagined. Doesn’t mean I won’t go back to it though!

I started reading about candles and different types etc. I chose to spend my time with soy for a variety of reason but mostly the scent that comes from a cleaner burning candle. My clients loved candles and fragrances, but they had breathing issues etc. so paraffin was not going to work. Making candles has been a way for me to distress while preparing the candles for my customers. It only made sense to keep the candle line in line with the overall company name. “Praise Worthy” is a standard of excellence which is what I try to convey with every customer interaction. Hence: Praise Worthy Candle

Cucumber melon is still my signature scent. I love creating new themed candle scents and perfecting the technique and the product line. I have candles that sell year-round and some that are seasonal.

I enjoy candle making, it has been a way to destress while preparing and mixing candles for my customers. I love creating new fragrances and perfecting my product line over the years I've added new products and new categories like my Black-tie collection for men! I customize labels and offer fundraising opportunities.

Hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into the Praise Worthy Candle’s journey.

Til Next Time!


aka The Candle Queen

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